Thursday, October 29, 2015

What's Bad About Investing

You may have heard that compounding interest is the the 8th miracle of the world. You may have heard many stories of people who became millionaires from investing in the stock market. You probably heard how if you invest every month just $100, by the age you retire, you will be a millionaire. Well, that's cool isn't it? It actually is, but there is a main thing that they don't tell ya. One really important and crucial thing, that can change your mindset on the matter. Something really crucial is neglected here... what it is? No, all of these techniques actually work and are a good way to make money, but the most important factor in the equation is TIME.


TIME is the most valuable asset all of us have, because it's the most limited thing on Earth. You can always make money, you can always buy stuff, but you can never buy more time. Everybody's time is limited and this is the ugliest thing about investing. To invest and make money - you need time.

Imagine you become a millionaire by the age of 65

Imagine you started investing when you were young, you put aside $100 every single month and did this for 40 years. You managed to survive in this period, you got lucky and your strategy worked. Now you would be 65 and you would be a millionaire... How would you feel? I would feel bad. Yes, it would be cool that my family (children and grand children) would be financially secured, but I would feel bad for myself... Why would I need this amount of money when I am 65, just several years from death. What would I do? Buy a sport car? Buy a house on the beach? Why would I need all this stuff when I am 65? I would probably only need health and this would be the only thing I wouldn't be able to buy with my money. I would need time, but i wouldn't be possible to have more of it. I would be a rich pensioneer who got tired from life and who actually wouldn't need that much of money. That much of money wouldn't make me feel younger and healthier. Yes, I will be able to buy all of the different pills I would need to get, but WTF?!?! I would be a pensioneer. And even I get extremely lucky and my health and spirit are in a good condition I would have around a decade left from my life, again if I am lucky. Is it worth it to sacrifice the best 40 years of my life to be a rich pensioneer ?

I don't like this idea

 Yes, investing is cool as a back up plan, but you should tear your a*s and do whatever it's needed to get rich young. This is when you need your money the most ind this is when you can use it the best.